Bacta-Pur® Applications and Case Studies

Thank you for your interest in Bacta-Pur® System. The following links are resources that will provide you information regarding the Bacta-Pur® System for different applications and related case histories. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please send us an information request form.


Grease, sludge and wastewater

  • ab03 Nitrification / Denitrification in Wastewater Treatment
  • ab04 Grease Control in Sewer, Lift Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • ab05 Sludge Reduction
  • ab07 The Bacta-Pur® System for  Wastewater Treatment
  • ab01 BOD Reduction
  • ab31 Treatment of Commercial Septic Systems
  • ab33 Treatment af Landfill Leachate
  • ab22 Solids and Odor Control in Pit or Portable Toilets
  • ch-g03 Grease control in Fried Chicken Restaurant
  • ch-g04 Grease control in Sewers, Lift station, and Industrial Grease Interceptor
  • ch-g05 Reduction of Grease, BOD, Hydrocarbons in Pretreatment Plant
  • ch-g06 Treatment optimization in wastewater treatment plant treating grease and septage
  • ch-g07 Biological Treatment of Sewer, City of New Bedford
  • ch-g09 Grease Control in Hotel Kitchen
  • ch-s03 Reduction of Twenty Year Old Sludge in Sewage Lagoon
  • ch-wwt01  Ammonia Removal in Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • ch-wwt02 Treatment of Pulp and Paper Wastewater Effluent without Aeration
  • ch-wwt03 Reduction of Organic Loading in Sewer
  • ch-wwt04  Sludge Reduction and Optimisation of Wastewater Treatment in Municipal Sewage Lagoon
  • ch-wwt05 Optimization of Onsite Treatment System
  • ch-wwt06 Optimisation of Treatment in Lagoon Treating Wastewater from Food Processing Plant

Aquaculture & live holding tanks

  • ab24 Water Quality Improvement in Shrimp Ponds
  • ab27 Water Quality improvement in Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture
  • ab28 Start-up of Biofilters in Aquaculture
  • ab30 Bacta-Pur® System for Live Holding Tanks
  • ch-a01 Reduction of Ammonia and Phosphorous in Effluent of Trout Pond
  • ch-a02 Ammonia Reduction in a Shrimp Hatchery
  • ch-a03 Removal of Fungicides in Shrimp Ponds
  • ch-a07 Bacta-Pur® Improves Eel Survival and Profitability in a Recirculated Aquaculture Farm
  • ch-a12 Shrimp Production in Vietnam

Ponds, lakes, water bodies

  • ab23 Bacta-Pur® products for koi and garden ponds
  • ab29 Bacta-Pur® POND for ponds and water bodies
  • ab25 Lake Health Management and Restoration
  • ab32 Canal Management & Restoration
  • ch-a09 Maintaining Water Quality in Ecological Swimming Pools

Residential wastewater

  • ab02 Preventive Maintenance of Residential Drains
  • ab20 Residential Septic System Treatment
  • ab22 Solids and Odor Control in Pit or Portable Toilets
Microbial Aquaculture since 1984
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are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.