Efficient and purely natural solution to improve water quality and increase animal survival rate
  • Transform wastes into natural and beneficial food
  • Reduce stress and disease susceptibility
  • Improve food conversion efficiency
  • Increase animal growth and survival
Bacta-PurŽ increases fish growth, snails production and oxygen levels
Without Bacta-PurŽ
Aquaculturists face a growing problem of decreasing water quality. Poor water quality is a major stress to all aquatic animals. Stresses are additive and increase the susceptibility of the animals to disease while decreasing their growth rate and feed conversion efficiency.

Ammonia and phosphorus are two of the most common problems. Even before lethal levels are reached excessive ammonia stresses animals. This, in turn, reduces feed conversion efficiency and increases susceptibility to diseases and reduced oxygen. Increased loading of phosphorus is of concern because it accelerates the growth of algae and higher plants.

This can be problem both within and after the aquaculture production facility. To say that antibiotics and bactericidal products are essential is to admit that adequate water quality is not being maintained. It is much easier to prevent diseases than to try to cure them. Disinfectants may help avoid some diseases, but they treat only symptoms and not the cause of the problems. It has been well documented that continual additions of active and beneficial cultures, in high numbers, will limit the available living space for pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms.

Less pathogens means less disease. Better water quality reduces stress. The benefits of overall reduced stress to the animals result in increased growth, improved feed conversion efficiency, survival and disease resistance and increased profits. This is what is accomplished with Bacta PurŽ System for aquaculture.
Bacta-PurŽ System for Aquaculture / Live Holding Tanks