Bacta-Pur® H2000 - ECOPROBIOTICS® culture
for hydrocarbons and other refractory organics
  • accelerate biodegradation of phenols, other hydrocarbons and refractory orgains compounds, including pharmaceuticals
  • allow rapid recovery after toxic shocks or overloadings in industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • help to meet target concentrations in effluents
  • maintain the biomass during plant shut downs


The Bacta-Pur® H2000 is a liquid suspension of balanced community of natural, beneficial and non-pathogenic microorganisms which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade organic refractory compounds, from phenols, and oils to polycyclic aromatics and halogenated compounds.  Bacta Pur® H2000 is used for a variety of purposes within the areas of industrial wastewater & leachate treatment, and water and soil bioremediation.

The quality assurance and control program assures a high visual cell count (1011 per mL), the presence of specific strains and only Class I (non-pathogenic) bacteria.

The optimal results can be achieved with pre conditioning of the product prior to addition. The purpose of preconditioning is to force bacteria to recognize site-specific refractory pollutants, such as hydrocarbons. Basically during the pre activation with nutrients and aeration the bacteria are brought in contact with targeted substrate to be biodegraded. Through this technique the bacteria are forced to recognize specific substrate and to develop the internal enzymes necessary for its degradation.

The industrial and commercial BACTIVATOR® are available for automatic and continuous pre conditionning and addition of the product to achieve the best results.


For pre activation and pre conditioning with commercial BACTIVATOR®, the Bacta-Pur® H2000 is provided within the Bacta-Pur® H-KIT. Each KIT includes the Bacta-Pur® H2000 and Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER. The Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER contains essential nutrients for growth and preconditioning of the bacteria to maximize the bacterial numbers and production of enzymes. Bacta-Pur® H2000 & Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER are provided in correct ratio within a KIT.

When  Industrial BACTIVATOR® H50 is used for automatic pre conditioning (large flow rates and volumes), the Bacta-Pur® H2000 is provided in 1000 L totes, which can be easily connected to the BACTIVATOR® to be used as expandable reservoirs for operation.

  • high visual cell count of 1011 cells per ml
  • complex community of bacteria with synergistic ability
  • no added surfactants, emulsifiers and other chemicals
  • long shelf life of 5 years