Bacta-Pur® N3000 - ECOPROBIOTICS® culture
for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate reduction
  • reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • allow rapid recovery after nitrification upsets due to toxic shocks or overloadings
  • stabilize the nitrification even in cold water
  • maintain efficient active nitrifying community
  • reduce soluble phosphorous


The Bacta-Pur® N3000 is a liquid suspension of balanced community of natural, beneficial and non-pathogenic bacteria which have been selected for their ability to nitrify, denitrify and reduce soluble phosphorous. The unique strains in Bacta-Pur® N3000 can denitrify in the presence of oxygen as well as without oxygen. The product is used in wastewater treatment plants (activated sludge, lagoons, biofilters, rotating biological discs, etc.) treating municipal, industrial and landfills wastewater, as well as in aquaculture and water body restoration. It helps to reduce the soluble phosphorous, the principal cause of the algae and aquatic weeds overgrowth. The quality assurance and control program assures a high visual cell count (1011 per mL), the presence of specific strains and only Class I (non-pathogenic) bacteria.

The optimal results is achieved with pre activation of the product prior to addition. The industrial and commercial BACTIVATOR® are available for automatic, continuous pre activation and addition of culture into the waste water.

For pre activation with commercial BACTIVATOR® LSN, the Bacta-Pur® N3000 is provided withing the Bacta-Pur® N-KIT. Each KIT includes the Bacta-Pur® N3000 and Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER N, the nutrients for the optimal growth of ECOPROBIOTICS® community for nitrification/denitrification. Bacta-Pur® N3000 & Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER N are provided in correct ratio within KIT.

For pre activation and growth with Industrial BACTIVATOR® N40, the Bacta-Pur® N3000 and Bacta-Pur® PRECONDITIONER N are provided in 1000 L totes, which can be easily connected to the BACTIVATOR® to be used as expandable reservoirs for operation.

  • high visual cell count of one hundred billion (1011) cells per ml
  • complex community of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria
  • no added surfactants, emulsifiers and other chemicals
  • long shelf life of 5 years