Bacta-Pur® XLG & XLG(A) for fresh water (salinity < 5 %)

  • Digest sludge and reduce toxic ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Facilitate oxygenation
  • Reduce excess nutrients (nitrogen and soluble phosphorous)
  • Transform wastes into natural and beneficial food


Bacta-Pur® XLG is a liquid suspension of balanced community of natural beneficial microorganisms, which have been selected for their capacity to biodegrade organic waste. It converts pollution into bacterial biomass, which becomes natural healthful food for fishes and invertebrates.

Bacta-Pur® XLG(A) includes Bacta-Pur® XLG together with Bacta-Pur® ACTIVATOR 1 & 2. This product  allows a manual pre activation of bacteria before its addition.

The Bacta-Pur® ACTIVATOR 1 & 2 are ECOPREBIOTICS™, essential nutrients for manual pre activation of Bacta-Pur® XLG to maximize bacterial numbers and production of enzymes for digestion of organic solids. They do not contain the animal products.


Treatment with Bacta-Pur® XLG(A)

The general dose rate is between 0.5 and 1 ppm based on the lake volume (0.5 and 1.0 liter per 1.000.000 liters or 0.5 and 1 US gal per 1.000.000 US gal). The dose rate can be doubled for the first three weeks to accelerate the start-up of the enhanced biological processes. Following the pre activation the mixture should be diluted 10 to 100 times with lake water.

are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.