Bacta-Pur® XLG - ECOPROBIOTICS® culture
for grease, sludge, BOD removal and odors
  • Digest fats, oils and grease
  • Digest organic sludge
  • Enhance BOD removal
  • Facilitate aeration
  • Improve settling
  • Reduce causes of noxiuous odors

The Bacta-Pur® XLG contains a complex community of natural, beneficial amd non-pathogenic micro-organisms which have been selected for their ability to biodegrade FOGs, proteins, carbohydrates, certain hydrocarbons and other various organic compounds typically found in organic waste. The quality assurance and control program assures a high visual cell count (1011 per mL), the presence of specific strains and only Class I (non-pathogenic) bacteria. The optimal results is achieved with pre activation of the product prior to addition. The industrial and commercial BACTIVATOR® are available for automatic, continuous pre activation and addition of culture into the waste water.


Bacta-Pur® XLG-KIT (14L), provided in bag-in-box (BiB) packaging, having two separate bags, is used only for operation of new series 4 of BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ LS.  One bag includes Bacta Pur® XLG, the beneficial ECOPROBIOTICS® culture and second contains Bacta-Pur® ACTIVATOR GS, the ECOPREBIOTICS™ (nutrients) developed  to maximize bacteria number and production of enzymes for efficient digestion of grease and sludge.  Bacta-Pur® XLG & Bacta-Pur® ACTIVATOR GS are provided in correct ratio within bag-in box packaging format; no mixing required. The KIT has connectors for quick connection to the BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ. The bags, connectors and cartons are all fully recyclable, making this an environmentally friendly package.


For pre activation and growth with Industrial BACTIVATOR® XLG50, the Bacta-Pur® XLG is provided within 1000 L totes, which can be easily connected to the BACTIVATOR® to be used as expandable reservoirs for operation.

  • high visual cell count of 1011 cells par ml
  • complex community of beneficial bacteria (not only Bacillus)
  • no added surfactants, emulsifiers and other chemicals
  • long shelf life of 5 years (3 years for BiB KIT)
  • NSF & CFIA registered