Bacta-Pur® SYSTEM

Cost-effective, purely biological treatment of grease traps and interceptors in food service industry
Without Bacta-Pur®
Without Bacta-Pur®
With Bacta-Pur®
With Bacta-Pur®
Benefits of Bacta-Pur® System:
  • Biologically digest FOGs (fats, oils, and grease)
  • Eliminate the causes of noxious and toxic odors and corrosion
  • Eliminate pumping, back-ups, and drain line jetting
  • Facilitate grease trap maintenance
  • Reduce use of toxic chemicals
  • Protect the municipal/sewer infrastructure
  • Save money compared to legal grease disposal
The BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ automatically and continuously pre-activates, grows and optimizes the physiological condition of ECOPROBIOTICS® to digest grease and sludge and to reduce causes of noxious/toxic odors, prior to injection into the wastewater. This is why the Bacta-Pur® System for grease control in grease traps/interceptors succeeds where others fail.
The addition of active, not dormant, bacteria culture is continuous and entire process is done automatically on-site with the BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ LS Series 4.
Biological treatment continues in a sewer
No grease separation device is 100% effective. Some grease always gets through. The benefits of the Bacta-Pur® System continues downstream in the sewer and all the way through the wastewater treatment plant.
The Bacta-Pur® XLG, beneficial ECOPROBIOTICS® culture for grease digestion, is PURELY BIOLOGICAL and do not contain ANY added chemicals, such as surfactants, enzymes, emulsifiers...
Bacta-Pur® System for Grease Traps / Interceptors
are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.