The Industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ models, designed for larger flow rates and volumes, are mounted on the skid and can be easily adjusted to grow from 10 up to 50 liters per day of beneficial ECOPROBIOTICS®. The maximum capacity varies with model.

Industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ Features
  • Fully automatic growing and dosing system

  • Continuously supply of active bacteria culture

  • Can treat from 12,500 to 62,500 m3/d (3.3 - 16.5 MGD)

  • Product dose rate easily adjustable in 1L (0.26 gal) increments for flows in range

  • Easy reservoir replacement

  • Low maintenance

Industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ mounted on skid (without connected reservoirs)
Industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ mounted on skid
(without connected reservoirs)

Three models are available for different applications:

  • BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ XLG50 for grease and sludge digestion, enhanced BOD removal even in sewers, and energy savings

  • BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ N40 for nitrification/denitrification and reduction of soluble phosphorous

  • BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ H50 for biodegradation of phenols, other hydrocarbons and refractory organic compounds

BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ XLG50 with connected reservoirs
BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ XLG50 with connected reservoirs

The products for operation of industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ are provided in 1000L totes and 100 or 200L barrels, depending on the model. Totes and barrels can be easily connected to the principal unit to serve as the reservoirs. At low product use rates, the industrial BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ can operate for months without need for filling or servicing.

System requirements
  • enclosed structure with room temperature 17-30°C (62-86°F)

  • access to power supply (115v, 50/60 Hz or 220-240v, 50/60 Hz)

  • municipal / city treated water

  • gravity drain access to waste water

BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ Scale Control to be used for easy cleaning  of BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ operating with hard water supply.