Certification of ammonia reduction for Bacta-Pur®

Certification of ammonia reduction for Bacta-Pur®
We are proud to offer our sincere congratulations to our Bacta-Pur® Distributor in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Modern Distribution Establishment, for the Certification obtained on the effective reduction of ammonia levels in wastewaters, thanks to the Bacta-Pur® products.

This certificate was granted by National Industrialization Company (Tasnee). This company is operating in the petrochemical, chemical, metals and other products and services. They have reduced over 68% of the rate of ammonia in their wastewater and by doing so, successfully the have reached the level accepted by the local authorities in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

This is another solid proof that Bacta-Pur ® reduces ammonia in wastewaters.
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