Bacta-Pur® products for aquaculture
...We have used Bacta-Pur range for over 12 years in particular, the BN1A N3000 and when it comes to fast acting biological filter start-ups, nothing in our experience can beat this product hands down...

Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.  Operations Manager, Aquaculture-Advantage

Sludge reducing in wastewater treatment with Bacta-Pur®
...……In 2005, the whole first cell had an average sludge depth of 3 feet (± 1m). Only two months of use of Bacta-Pur® along with 4 shock treatments, of adding Bacta-Pur® directly into the sludge, reduced the sludge depth to 4 inches (± 10 cm).
…Since then, we are using a BACTIVATOR® LS with the Bacta-Pur® XLG-KIT to maintain the conditions...

Nicolas Légère, Water and Sewer Foreman, Ville de Caraquet, NB

Treatment of Golf Course ponds with Bacta-Pur®
...As a neighbor of Brome Lake and responsible citizen, The Knowlton Golf Club adopted policies in regards with all water sources on the course. The Club is using Bacta-Pur®, which helps in reducing phosphorous levels in water...

Nicolas Rodrigue, General Manager, The Knowlton Golf Club

Biofilter start-up and reduction of ammonia and nitrite in the provincial fisheries station
...We recommend the use of this technology in any system affected by seasonal production cycles, where biofilter start-up prior to production is essential. Not only this technology allow for quick start-up, it allows us too to completely shut-down our systems during non-production periods...

Alain Fortin, Director, Baldwin Mills Fisheries Station

Treatment of ponds, tanks and raceways with Bacta-Pur®
...We have been treating our ponds, tanks and raceways with Bacta-Pur® since 1985. We have noticed, over the years, that the treated water is easier to oxygenate, and the water is clearer...

Jacques Croteau, Pisciculture St-Denis

Bacta-Pur® products for treatment oil and gas industry waste in Mexico
...After using Bacta-Pur® successfully, we have observed an evident reduction in the amount of waste found in depositis and water containers...

Suhail Torga, M.D., Director, SUTCE Ingenieria

Bacta-Pur® Success in Pakistan
...We have used Bacta-Pur® products for trial and marketing purposes for a variety of clients located in nearly all regions in Pakistan. Its benefit for addressing organic waste and related issues in most types of water system has been remarkable...

Tasadduq Mukhtar, Founder & CEO, International Water Associates in Pakistan

Treatment of Miao Lake in Hubei Province of Peoples Republic of China
...We were very satisfied and pleased with the results which we achieved with the Bacta-Pur® accelerated bio-remediation products. We believe this technology offers very significant abilities and provides outstanding tretament capabilities for a wide variety of organic pollution... 

C.J. Yu , Ph.D., MBA, AdeGenix, Inc.

Improvement of water quality in parks of Giant Panda Institute and Zoo of Chengdu
...We are very pleased with the high quality of the products and the professional support we are provided by the company. We believer that Bacta-Pur producst and technology offer important help to pollution problems in China... 

Chengdu Xingtai Co. Ltd.

Certification of ammonia reduction for Bacta-Pur®
We are proud to offer our sincere congratulations to our Bacta-Pur® Distributor in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Modern Distribution Establishment, for the Certification obtained on the effective reduction of ammonia levels in wastewaters, thanks to the Bacta-Pur® products. This certificate was granted by National Industrialization Company (Tasnee). This company is operating in the petrochemical, chemical, metals and other products and services. They have reduced over 68% of the rate of ammonia in their wastewater and by doing so, successfully the have reached the level accepted by the local authorities in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. This is another solid proof that Bacta-Pur ® reduces ammonia in wastewaters.

Mutlaq Al Otaibi, Manager, AA Operation, Tasnee, Al Jubai, S.A.

Biological cleaning of sewer line in New Bedford, Massachusetts
"...After 30 days of installing the Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR® system upstream, the sewer line become so clean that you could actually see the bricks for the first time at the bottom of the manhole. Not only grease was removed, but ventilation time required for workers to be able to enter the lift station was reduced..."

Ronald LaBelle, Superintendent of Waste Water, City of New Bedford

Treatment of Pump Station at Newport, Rhode Island
...Total grease removal after ten months of operation was estimated at 99.7%. This was accomplished using only the Bacta-Pur system and did not include any physical or mechanical cleaning of the wet well ...

Shaun M. Niles, Service Manager, Earth Tech

Microbial Aquaculture since 1984
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are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.